Welcome to D E M Instruments.   

We are a manufacturing and sales company specializing in industrial and process control instrumentation.  Established in 2018, and based in Randburg, Johannesburg, D E M Instruments is managed and run by Shaun Moore. Shaun has over 40 years experience in the electrical and industrial electronics industry.  

At present D E M produces a PT100 Head Mount Temperature Transmitter, an Alarm and Trip Unit, Digital Indicators. We have recently added a Liquid Level Controller, a Thermocouple over temperature switch, and a Process Signal Converter to our range.  We also have the ability to design, assemble and test PCB’s for a variety of applications.   

We are currently working on expanding our range of industrial and process control instrumentation. Watch this space!!

D E M is committed to producing high quality products at an economical price for the process control industry.  

KS Head mounting PT100 Temperature Transmitter

This economical loop powered PT100 KS head mount temperature transmitter for two and three wire sensors is designed and manufactured in South Africa.    

The extended low voltage operating range allows for use with 12V DC as well as the usual 24V DC sources and makes use of a constant current input circuit to improve accuracy.    

The design is totally analogue, no programming required. Trimming and re-calibration requires no special tools or software. Zero and Span trimmers provide a fine user adjustment.

The red LED indicates that the device is active. The brightness of the LED changes with temperature and indicates that the device is functioning correctly.    

The device has a rugged design and the electronics are encapsulated in resin for added protection.  It operates over a wide temperature range and has excellent RFI immunity.